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Judge orders Eli Manning memorabilia fraud case to go to trial next month

This trade only saves $2.5 million on this year’s cap. What it does, more significantly, is remove cap hits of $19.5 million in 2019 and $17.5 million in 2020, clearing space the Giants will need if they are to sign Odell Beckham Jr. and Landon Collins to long-term extensions.

The Santa Clara District Attorney charged Foster with felony domestic violence related to a February incident that left his girlfriend with a ruptured eardrum. His new teammate, Richard Sherman, appeared in court Thursday during Foster’s arraignment.

The 49ers were not surprised as Sherman told management after he signed that he was interested in taking Foster under his wing, per Trotter. Safety Jaquiski Tartt joined Sherman in the courtroom, Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee reports.

destroyed, a statue of Bithorn — Puerto Rico’s first big leaguer — was knocked down and broken.

On Tuesday, everything was working when Lindor homered.

Actually, my dream was to play at Hiram Bithorn, a stadium that, for many Puerto Ricans, belongs to the Major Leagues, to play so my parents could see me here, but my dreams didn’t go that far, said Lindor.

Cowboys executive VP Stephen Jones at the Combine that they plan to move forward as if Gregory wouldn’t be with the team for the upcoming season, but Moore seems to think they would find a place or him if he’s reinstated by the NFL.

It wasn’t helpful, Mara said, when asked how the video affects the expectations the Giants have for Beckham.

Tisch was aware of the video but did not watch it.

That’s sort of background noise, he said. Something I’m not paying much attention to, I didn’t look at it. Maybe I didn’t have those seven seconds in my life to pay attention to it. I’m not concerned about that.

Mara also said no player, not even Beckham, is untouchable, as far as being subject to a trade. Dealing Beckham, Mara said, is not a scenario I would like to see happen.

It is a possibility, Mara said, that the Giants will allow Beckham to play out his contract without offering an extension.

I don’t think we’ve made any determination of that just yet, he said.

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